• White labeling available
  • Kits available
  • 1, 2, 5 10, 50 piece 3 ply mask available
  • 25 million 3 ply mask available at warehouse in LAX AND NJ.

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3M Products

TLC IS NOT A 3M AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR- Our licensed CPA firm works with an authorized 3M distributor.  The CPA Firm is not a distributor or reseller of 3M products.  However, we can introduce qualified buyers to the authorized 3M distributor.

The rules of engagement for 3M. The process is simple:

  1. Qualified buyer places order via phone or PO
  2. Distributor qualifies buyer with 3M.
  3. Once buyer is qualified, distributor ships the available product
  4. Upon receipt of product, buyer pays invoice.
  5. If the buyer desires to move forward, our CPA firm will email you an intermediary agreement.  Thereafter, we will connect you to the 3m Distributor,  At that point, you may conduct further due diligence of the distributor if desired.  The distributor is required to deal directly with the customer.  The distributor will request the name and address of the customer as well as the contact person’s name email address and phone number to qualify the buyer with 3M.

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Sanitizing Gel and Wipes

GFP, a personal grooming and hygiene company, offers cleansing wipes and hand sanitizer products. The products are manufactured in the USA. Currently, the NBA is using the GFP products at their bubble in Orlando, FL. Additionally, the GFP products are available at the following retailers: Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, GNC, Barnes & Noble, Giant Eagle Supermarket, and Amazon.

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Medical and Nitrile Gloves

We have a variety of gloves coming in every 2 weeks into the LAX warehouse and in NJ.

  • Health select
  • Sky Meds
  • Vina gloves
  • Savie Gloves

Standard Operating Procedure

We make our process very simple. We do not require any LOI and POF.

  1. Once NCNDA is signed, TLC will provide BOL to Vetted Buyer if one is available.
  2. Once Purchase Order is received, TLC will provide the location of the warehouse for immediate inspection, payment of goods and transport.
  3. TLC will only work with the End Seller on the Purchase order

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Rapid Covid Test

FDA Status: EUA Authorized: October 8, 2020 Test Type: Rapid Antigen; Nucleocapsid20 ASSAY BUFFER Fast, accurate, point-of-care results.

CareStart rapid antigen test is CLIA Waiver and point-of-care authorized. With results in 10 minutes and a visual readout with no analyzer required, CareStartTM is the fastest way to diagnosis COVID-19.

CareStart was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, United States. The company specializes in point-of-care IVD tests and is a recognized world leader in providing affordable, accurate testing products. Access Bio has partnered with WHO, UNICEF, Global Fund, MSF, Doctors Without Borders, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide its products to underserved populations.

This is a point-of-care authorized test. CLIA-certified laboratories with Waiver, Moderate, or High Complexity certification may perform the test at point of care or in a laboratory setting. TIME to RESULT: 10-15 minutes

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