We work to develop an actionable plan that aligns marketing, sales, and operations. Not only do we assist in acquiring new business and nurturing existing accounts with supported sales activities, we also coach new and existing sales leaders. We help them build skills to develop and manage top performing sales teams. In addition, we provide metrics and forecasting.

We mean Business. Over the years, TLC has worked on numerous grass roots campaign including Durable Medical Equipment campaign, Energy, DME (durable Medical equipment), Genetic Cancer Screening campaign, Petitioning, and the Lifeline program. With our talented team of dedicated sales professionals throughout the country, we provide strategic sales support in all market segments.

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Genetic Cancer Screenings

TLC Creative Solutions participates in numerous programs in line with the medical industry. Aligning with our strong beliefs of giving back to the community, some common areas we have promoted include genetic cancer screenings. Enrollment agents work with Seniors or Medicare recipients.

CGx is genetic testing for the hereditary markers that are passed down from parents. Either they had cancer in the past, or a family member has or had cancer. This test helps them identify if they are at risk for certain cancers. It shows whether their family should be alerted. The report helps in prevention where necessary and provides peace of mind.

PGx personalizes medicine using genetic testing increasing effectiveness and reduces risk from medication. Genetic variations may determine the effectiveness or potential side effects to a specific medication. PGx helps identify and provides their doctor a break down, making sure they are able to provide the best possible care.

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