Honesty, Ethical and Fairness is our core belief – STAY HUMBLE

We are proud to support all applicants by offering jobs at all levels.

Our company selects its employees and agents from all types of educational backgrounds based on their capability to add value to our company.

Why TLC?

Care for Our Employees

We focus our values on creating a healthy and happy work environment. We never want to ridicule or shame one another but have the most transparent form of open communication. We have a zero-tolerance for any discrimination for its workers by bringing together the most amiable yet smart group of people. We encourage our staff to harness tremendous respect for each other and making new employees feel at ease. TLC is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity in the workplace.

High Retention Low Turnover

Not only do the employees make huge commitments to the company, but many of them have been working with us for an average of 3-10 years. We treat our staff like family. People want to enjoy their work and it should be fun. A day without laughter should be abnormal for employees.

Opportunity for Advancement

We reward with Loyalty. We want to our best employees to stick around. Showing them that working hard pays off. We generally promote inhouse staff and having referral bonuses implemented into each of our campaigns.

Weekly Pay on Most Campaigns

With weekly payroll depositing every Friday or the following Friday, our payroll department will email a pay breakdown of hours or campaigned hours worked to all staff members.

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